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Esaote MRI 2021.
Open up to new cutting-edge innovations.

Our amazing journey has come to an end with the third and final live streaming event, in which we have introduced new MRI technologies dedicated to the medical and healthcare fields. After addressing the themes ‘Research’ and ‘Experience’, this launch event was focused on ‘Challenge’. Yet another and certainly not the last challenge taken on by Esaote - which was the first company to develop dedicated MRI systems. Esaote has constantly expanded its product portfolio - developing dedicated systems for spine and joint imaging, as well as unique technologies, such as the tilting MR which enables clinicians to conduct weight-bearing MR studies of the anatomy. Now, Esaote has introduced a new open total body MRI. Special guests such as Eugenio Biglieri, Esaote’s Chief Operating Officer, international Marketing/Product Managers and medical Opinion Leaders contributed to reinforcing the theme. We have also had the pleasure of hosting Umberto Pelizzari, a legend in the freediving world known for setting many impressive records, who talked about how he has overcome many challenges.

Special Guest

Umberto Pelizzari

Umberto Pelizzari

Umberto Pelizzari was born in Busto Arsizio, Italy. By the age of 5 he could swim perfectly and by 17 he already had 11 professional swimming seasons behind him. In 1984 he began his journey in the apnea discipline. He set his first static apnea world record in 1988 with a time of 5’33”. From then on he collected a series of records like the world record in constant weight with a depth of 80 metres in 1999; in the same year, he descended to 150 metres in the “No limits” variable weight discipline; in 2001 he established a new freediving World Record in Variable Weight, deep diving to 131 metres.

Hosted by

Gianna Angelini

Gianna Angelini

Semiotician, journalist and communication consultant, Gianna Angelini graduated in Italy, completed her PhD in Germany and a postdoc in England. These experiences prepared her to deal with multicultural work contexts. She has been teaching since 2005 in Universities and Academies. She spent the last 10 years working as Strategic Marketing Consultant, Project Manager and Strategic Planner.

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Patient positioning

Patient positioning and comfort

Open system, free coil positioning, laser alignment, split coil design, transparent headcoil, easy-access patient bed. It all adds up to make patient positioning easy, fast and comfortable.

Claustrophobic patients

Not only is Magnifico the right system for claustrophobic patients but the open magnet simply makes it a comfortable MRI experience for all patients, in particular children. Additionally, Magnifico comes with a transparent headcoil for enhanced patient comfort.

Productivity without compromises

Productivity is about ease of use, optimized scan times and patient care and Magnifico covers all these aspects.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Esaote systems have the reputation of being very easy to use and Magnifico is in line with this standard offering a user interface focused on getting the work done without losing the flexibility to customize scans whenever needed.

Patient care

Patient care

The open structure and comfortable patient table guarantee an easy and non-claustrophobic patient experience meaning less anxiety and therefore better and faster exams.

Patient positioning

Patient positioning

Open system, free coil positioning, laser alignment, split coil design, transparent headcoil, easy-access patient bed. It all adds up to make patient positioning easy, fast and comfortable.

Examination workflow

Examination workflow

Simplified workflow and Protocol driven scanning for fast exams and high throughput without comprising diagnostic quality.

Dedicated Coils

The outcome is what’s important: diagnostic quality

Multi Channel Coils

Ample selection of dedicated for an optimal result and excellent patient experience. The multichannel design allows for a high SNR, high signal homogeneity and therefore high spatial spatial resolution. The ergonomic coil design allows for True-Motion imaging adding an extra dimension to MRI diagnostics.

Dedicated coils

Compelling economics

Magnifico has been developed in line with the Esaote MRI philosophy which means quality MRI at reduced costs:

  • Compact installation
  • Easy operation
  • Low running costs
Low running costs
  • Low power consumption (maximum 3 Kw)
  • No cryogens, no water cooling
  • Dedicated service contracts
Easy installation

Thanks to its smart design the magnet unit and RF shielding will fit in a space of 20 m² (212 sq.ft.)) Example of a typical installation. Please contact your local representative for a personalized design for your site.

Installation view

System Life Cycle Protection

Remote service and customer care

All Esaote systems come with remote service capability. Many system parameters and system components can be checked via the remote service program specially developed for Esaote MRI systems. The remote service capability allows Esaote to react to any potential issue and to get you up and running faster!


Esaote MRI systems are built for the future. With an average life cycle for an MRI system of about 11 years, being able to keep up with technology advances is important to satisfy market needs.

Life cicle protection

Connectivity and Integration

Magnifico includes complete networking and storage features to work either stand alone or as part of an integrated environment.

Data security

Magnifico is in line with today’s requirements for data security with automatic antivirus security updates.

Standalone operation

As a stand-alone scanner, Magnifico comprises an integrated DVD storage and retrieve software package, printer output facility and a patient-CD package.

Network operation

Magnifico is DICOM and IHS compliant and offers smart solutions for connectivity to your PACS and teleradiology.